Evolve & Resolve - Finding New Ways to Blossom

Evolve & Resolve - Finding New Ways to Blossom

Why do us women tend to keep our houses tidy but not our cars?

Well, there could very well be plenty of reasons, but it may just come down to one: 

Our car is not for other people to see.

Human psychology says that we are creatures with an ego and therefore we live to connect with others.



So that means, the reason we don’t keep up with our cars, could be the same reason we don’t keep up with ourselves. We don’t care what we look like because our presence is not for other people to see.

Instead, we are inside, locked in on our phone screens, watching shitty comedy and following the drama on the internet. We become complacent.



Then we wonder why nothing good ever happens to us.

How come I can’t meet a nice guy to marry? Why don’t my friends ever call me to hang out? Why am I not beautiful?

I could never be like the girls on ig. I just don’t have that kind of money to be going out like that. She only looks nice because she got her butt done.



And it’s true - you can’t snap your fingers and expect your deepest desires to come into fruition over night. But there is a key component in becoming distinct.

You need to be receptive to change in order to evolve.

In other words, put yourself out there for others to see you. And I don’t just mean see that you are another body standing in the room… because we all are people who walk and breathe in extremely similar ways.

Your presence has to be seen.



The mind has a funny way of making us feel isolated. But the truth is, people hold onto the impressions we place on them the same way we do with theirs. 

Except one person uses it to their advantage and the other doesn’t even realize it’s importance.

So, find a way to leave a mark on people. Intention might just collide with opportunity and create you some luck.


Pretty girls get noticed - yes. But pretty starts in the core like a flower before it blossoms.


Take care of yourself and others will take care of you.



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