About Me

The reason I started this company was to show women that anything is possible. I did this with the belief that we, as people, are the ones who create our own luck and outcomes.

Growing up, whenever someone would say, "You jinxed it!", I would always reply with, "Jinx doesn't exist." because I firmly believe that we have more control over our circumstances than we think.

Once you learn to walk in faith... your entire aura changes. So, if something didn't work out and someone believed it was "jinxed", I chose to believe that the unfortunate outcome could be changed for the better by anyone who sets their mind to it.

The products I sell are the ones that made me feel more confident in these beliefs by wearing them proudly. Accessories give a woman personality and add color to her life.

As I continue to develop my brand, my goal is to sell products that are designed exclusively by me, for my fellow ladies, so they can also embody the magical feeling of believing.



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