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Your Outward Appearance is the Reflection of Your Inner Self

Last year, when I started practicing self-care, my whole life changed.

I realized that the more I prioritized my appearance, the better I would feel. I also came to see how important it is to look approachable and well groomed everyday, regardless of if I were to leave my home or not that day.

I was never taught growing up that my clothing was important or how to do my hair in different styles. But I found something that made me feel pretty beside all the other things I lacked: my earrings.

I loved how they could make me feel gorgeous even when I was sad. And I loved showing off my personality.

Now today, I've come to the conclusion that my inner self is what makes me beautiful and the more that I take care of my outward self, the more I allow it to shine bright.

So I ask you, what are ways that women can take care of themselves? I've put together a small list of details to give you inspiration to define your outward expression:

-styling our hair

-wearing make up

-adding clothing to an essential part of our bills

-accessorizing our outfits

-defining our personal style

To be continued...

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